Clermont Cattle Sale 9th August 2017

The Clermont combined agent’s yarded just on 400 head at the monthly Clermont Store and Prime Sale. Cattle were drawn from the Jericho, Nebo and local areas. Feeder steers 400-500kgs topped at 283c/kg and averaged 270c/kg, steers in the 320-400kg range reached 302c/kg and averaged 284c/kg, 220-320kgs steers reached 308c/kg and averaged 300c/kg, light steers under 220kgs made to 305c/kg and recorded an average of 303c/kg. Cows over 520kgs made to 206c/kg and averaged 200c/kg, 400-520kg cows reached 210c/kg to average 195c/kg. Heifers over 400kgs recorded a high of 261c/kg to average 229c/kg. Feeder heifers in the 300-400kg range made to 255c/kg and had an average of 248c/kg, heifers 220-320kgs topped at 282c/kg and return and average of 272c/kg. Heifers under 220kgs reached 274c/kg and averaged 266c/kg.


Troy and Ann Kinnon “New Corry” Clermont sold Simmental cross steers to top at 308c/kg for 306kgs to return $943 while their sister reached 281c/kg for 283kgs to make $797. Blaten Industries Coppabella sold Charolais steers to top at 270c/kg for 430kgs to come back at $1160. Michael Borg and Family “Calveston” Clermont sold Brahman steers for 305c/kg for 287kgs to make $876. While their Gelbvieh cross heifers topped 280c/kg for 292kgs to return $819. Tony and Taj Jones “Lou Lou Park” Jericho sold Brahman cows to reach 201c/kg for 525kgs to make $1058. The Clien family “Bundarra” Nebo sold a run of Brangus Cross heifers to top at 274c/kg for 210kgs to return $575.

Next Clermont Sale Wednesday the 13th of September 2017

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